What is a Website Audit and Why is it Important?

Website Audit / SEO Website

A website audit or as you can call it an SEO website audit is a series of techniques to identify and fix the problems hidden inside a website architecture. As a result, website will be improved technically and will have better performance and better engagement with search engines.

A website audit is the process of evaluating the search engine friendliness of a website in many areas. It is important to identifying strengths, weaknesses and potentials of a website architecture to improve technical performance.

Any website after a correct audit process will have more user engagement, better user experience, attracts more traffic, works with improved functionality, and obviously has a better performance.

Website audits is the key to help uncover what’s not working with a website and layout what parts of it need to be adjusted to bring in maximum returns. It ives a boost to the website so it start speaking with the language that search engines like to hear.

We know that 97% of Americans internet users search for local products and services online and 72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within five miles, these factors show the importance of a website audit which is the first step towards any successful search engine optimization process.

Website audit is not just discovering errors, it’s the process of discovering and fixing them and boost the website performance especially for search engine optimization (SEO).

A website audit starts with examine various issues including website health, security, validations, errors and etc., a report will be created based on the exams then the process starts with fixing the problems one by one and finally ends up with changing a website to a working machine.

A successful website audits makes the website to be aligned with Google’s best practices and helps the business for growth online, with increasing site traffic and performance.

Some of the aspects of a website audit are as follows:

01. Crawling Issues

02. Indexing Issues

03. Errors in robots.txt

04. Define h1 to h6 Tags

05. Rich Snipers

06. Duplicate Content

07. Uncompressed Pages and Scripts

08. Images Optimization

09. Social Media Integration

10. Adjust .htacees file

11. Identify Poorly Optimized Tittle Tags

12. Site Map Health

13. 404 Error Page

14. Poor Text-to-html Ratio

15. 4xx Errors

16. 5xx Errors

17. Redirect Chains and Loops

18. Images Alt Tags

19. Images Descriptions

20. Areas of Potential Penalties

21. Declare Doctype

22. Technical Errors

23. URL Structures

24. HTML and CSS Validation

25. Link Structures

26. Consolidated Java Script Files

27. Consolidated CSS Files

28 Redirects

If you want to improve your website ranking, get more organic traffic, and find out why you spend money on SEO but your competitors have higher ranking despite having lower authority and poor UX, then there are certain steps you need to take, the first one is a website audit.

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